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Does your Trezor need Ripple (XRP) destination tag?

Posted by Etherbit Team on

TLDR; When you are receiving Ripple (XRP) in your Trezor wallet, you don't need a destination tag.

Destination tags are needed when you are sending XRP to your exchange's address. Most centralized exchanges (like Unocoin, WazirX, Zebpay, etc) use one address for all traders of XRP. Hence, a Tag/Memo is used to determine what actual individual account a given transaction should be assigned and credited to.

For example; the address you send XRP to can be equated to an apartment building address. The Tag/Memo identifies which specific apartment you live in, in the apartment building.

Since your Trezor is controlled & owned by you, you do not need a tag/memo to receive your XRP!

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