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How to buy a Ledger Nano S/X in India?

Posted by Etherbit Team on

It is always a good idea to secure your crypto using a hardware wallet. But most people have doubts when it comes to buying a hardware wallet in India. This post will discuss the pros & cons of purchasing a hardware wallet from different places.

There are a few ways you can buy your Ledger in India.

  1. Buy from Ledger's official partner in India
  2. Buy from Amazon
  3. Buy from Ledger.com

Let's explore all these options one by one.

Buy from Ledger's official partner in India

Etherbit.in is Ledger's official partner in India. You can buy your Ledger directly from Etherbit with free shipping & original warranty.

Etherbit usually delivers orders in 2-4 business days. You can also pay using Bitcoin & Ether on Etherbit! There are no hidden costs when you order your device from Etherbit.

As an added bonus, Etherbit removes your personal & order data after 45-days of processing your order. That being said, your privacy is guaranteed when you order from Etherbit.

  1. Buy Ledger Nano S for ₹6,999 from Etherbit.in
  2. Buy Ledger Nano X for ₹14,999 from Etherbit.in 

Buy from Amazon

You can buy your Ledger from Amazon. Etherbit (Ledger's official partner in India) also sells on Amazon as seller Etherbit. When you purchase it from Amazon, your order & shipping is handled by Amazon.

  1. Buy Ledger Nano S for ₹6,999 from Amazon.in
  2. Buy Ledger Nano X for ₹14,999 from Amazon.in

Buy directly from Ledger

You can purchase your Ledger directly from Ledger.com. Ledger takes 4-6 weeks to deliver your order. You will also need to pay import duty, taxes & complete KYC with Indian customs before you can get your hands on your device.

Here's an estimated calculation of expenses incurred when you order from Ledger.com.

You save time & over ₹2,668 when you order Ledger Nano S Hardware Wallet from Etherbit.in
Best offer Etherbit.in Ledger.com
Listed Price ₹6,999 ₹5,416.20
Shipping Free ₹1,468.80
Import Duty + Tax - ₹2,132.97
Clearance Fee - ₹649
KYC with Customs - Yes
Warranty Yes Yes
Pay with crypto Yes Yes
Final Price ₹6,999 ₹9,666.97
(In-Stock items)
2-5 days 28-48 days
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NOTE: Values are calculated based on data shared by Indian customs, vendors & users. Actual values may vary based on order value, port of discharge, mode of transport, shipping carrier & EUR/INR exchange rate.


It is faster, cheaper, most secure & most convenient to buy your hardware wallet from Etherbit.

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