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Crypto security guide

Disclaimer: Etherbit is an Indian security gadget store, operating since 2017. Etherbit does not buy, sell, or trade cryptocurrencies and does not provide financial advice on cryptocurrencies, providers, or services.

  1. NEVER share your seed phrase / recovery phrase / backup phrase / 24 words / 12 words with ANYONE.
  2. ALWAYS purchase your hardware wallet from the official store or official resellers.
  3. ALWAYS verify your hardware wallet's authenticity.
  4. ALWAYS generate your own seed phrase. Hardware wallets NEVER come with a seed phrase.
  5. NEVER enter or store your unencrypted seed phrase in ANY software or online storage services.
  6. ALWAYS test backup of your seed phrase.
    1. Setup your hardware wallet and write down your newly generated seed phrase.
    2. Connect your wallet to vendor recommended software and write down your receiving addresses for Bitcoin and Ethereum.
      • Ledger: Ledger Live
      • Trezor: Trezor Suite
      • SafePal: SafePal app
      • BitBox: BitBox app
    3. Reset your wallet and set it up using the seed phrase from step 6.1.
    4. Repeat step 6.2 and verify the addresses.
  7. TEST a small amount, both deposit and send, before depositing real money.
  8. Happy hodling!

Inspired by bitcoinsecurity.guide