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QUANTUM is a multifunctional crypto device (hardware cryptocurrency wallet, password manager and 2FA token) that safely stores your essential data and allows you to manage crypto assets even when connected to infected PC.

It connects to any PC via USB without additional drivers. Windows, Linux and Mac OS compatible. All your essential data is stored encrypted inside of the device and are secured by a strong PIN code.


QUANTUM supports Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, Bitcoin SV, EOS, Litecoin, Dash, DogeCoin, Ripple and Stakenet XSN. It allows you to receive and send money, check your balance, check cryptocurrency rate, and many more. New cryptocurrency support will be added via regular device updates.

Password manager

QUANTUM emulates standard USB keyboard and types your passwords on PC for you as well as auto fills payments and logging forms by one button press. Only one PIN code to remember, to access the device.

QUANTUM supports the following 2FA methods: FIDO U2F, Google Authenticator HOTP and TOTP. Unique 2FA key for each password. Due to unique combination of password manager with 2FA functionality QUANTUM guarantees exceptional safety of your accounts and private data combined with comfortable use.

All essential user data is stored encrypted in a such way that only authorized parties can access them. Only one PIN code to remember. User friendly device UI and buttons allow to operate in stand-alone mode without connecting to PC. This brings your privacy and security to new higher level.

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